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Voice your opinion, rate the issue, and leave an "eVote" with whether you're for or against an issue.

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Send your vote directly to Congress by using our "quick links" to all incumbents' contact forms.

What eVoiceAmerica does:

Documents and quantifies your anonymous eVotes in the Yes/No percentages on all issues.

Publishes this data on site and to America, concerned organizations, and the media.

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Data Reports

We gather data on all Yes/No eVotes and provide daily data reports. All data reports include Yes/No issue-based eVote percentages, complete elected-rep recipient data, anonymous opinions, and voluntary demographic info. We also provide the percentage of people who would re-elect (or not) current incumbents. We wrap a variety of important data into several packages.

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Sample DC Rep List

Personal list of YOUR Elected Reps

Instant access to all your elected represenatives in one spot.

No more “not communicating” with your reps because you don’t know who they are or how to reach them. They are always on your eVoiceAmerica rep list and will be updated with every election or other change. Your personal ER list is determined by your residence address and zip+4 code. An elected rep list includes: President, 2 Senators, 1 House Representative, your Governor plus 6 others.


Realtime Yes/No %


Realtime Yes/No %

Percentages that matter

eVoiceAmerica’s patented eVote feature enables it to document, quantify, and publish national and constituent issue-based majority percentages from all eVoiceAmerica user emails on all top issues, daily and in real time. Additionally, this information is available onsite to users, the media, DC reps, and other politically concerned organizations.

"Would You Re-Elect Me?" as President, Your Senator, or House Rep in 2014

When you submit your email to your Elected Reps, you can answer the above question to let your rep know if you would like to re-elect him/her. eVoiceAmerica's patented technology gives you "between ballot box" for the first time ever. You can vote once a day.

eVoiceAmerica garners, calculates, and publishes the results daily for the previous day on site for users and as a Daily Data Report for organizations and the government to track this data daily and over time.

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NEW: Info Portal

When you click your issue of interest from eVoiceAmerica’s Top Issues List, you have the option to easily email your elected reps. OR, you can learn more about the issue you have selected using this Info Portal. eVoiceAmerica offers links to these user-generated resources related to your issue of choice: articles, videos, and books. This is a non-partisan list of resources.

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We, the People,

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who want to mobilize their members, audiences, and readers to email their DC Reps

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Should Obamacare be dismantled based upon the undisclosed, massive cancellations of private and employer-paid healthcare policies, contrary to the president's deceptive promises?

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Should one of the consequences to the IRS, for its admitted political abuses, be for Congress to enact a very simplified tax code (e.g., flat or fair tax and removal of the AMT) which would essentially neutralize and eliminate the need for the IRS?

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Should House Speaker Boehner (R) set up a select committee with subpoena power to focus solely on the Obama administration’s response to events before, during, and after the Benghazi attack? [Note: Be sure to check the box next to “Speaker...

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