Why eVoiceAmerica?

Do you feel helpless, frustrated, cynical, and powerless to stop or change the direction of the government? Are you among the Americans that would fight for the America they love if they had an internet, take action tool they could trust to deal them back into the process?

We believe that Americans can now fight every day as computer guardians, using our computers, to "re-own" America now. We can be the internet guardians who actually influence national policy formation through a new, patented, transformational technology that will overcome Big Government, sky-rocketing debt, special interests, and corruption and many other issues that affect you and all of us.

Now Americans can provide their on-going, personal opinions directly to their constituent-matched, personal list of DC elected reps (that recurs each time you log on) using our new, user-friendly, citizen-participation/involvement take-action internet technology and be counted. eVoiceAmerica harvests real-time, anonymous Yes/No percentages on your opinions, including DC rep recipients you email, and shares with America and the media how Americans are trending on the issues in real time and over time.

Our citizen input on issues has been hoarded by DC and protected in a Black Hole. Our reps don't tell us what we tell them so we can know if they vote how they are being told to vote. Now, for the first time ever, Americans will know in real time what we are telling DC on current issues. Congress will know that we know; and our reps must respond. Ownership renewed and accountability restored.

Feeling "left out", as in completely cut out of the representative political process, as both parties carve up our country among themselves and keep even the crumbs for themselves, their cronies? Are you the American who wants to fight to save America? Now we can, in the millions, fight from our computers every day using a transformational technology: eVoiceAmerica.com.

As we know, we weren't supposed to be excluded from this process. Our representatives were to be answerable to us and they are, but only on election days (every two, four, and six years). And this worked fairly well when our country was small and the circles of influence were small, tight and close. But government has become so big, impersonal, complex, self-insulated, and self-serving that it now has a life of its own and elections are not often or responsive enough to control the ever-growing leviathans of Big Government, Crippling Debt, Over-Regulation, Constitutional Violations, etc., that happen before our very eyes and between elections.

Many political action groups have tried to remedy this with petitions and email blasts, but to no avail, because they do not have the clout of being constituent-matched and so pose no threat to elected reps in DC. These petitions / eblasts do not even go directly to reps; only to third-party locations where they can be viewed voluntarily by our reps fat chance of that happening So these efforts give us the faux satisfaction and illusion of taking action with no net effect.

James Madison was the first to articulate the antidote to this problem: the necessity for public opinion to keep the pressure on our representatives between elections. In fact, he was the first to coin the term "public opinion." However, the growth of our country, its population, and the complexity of our government have enormously outpaced our individual ability to exert and marshal public opinion quickly enough; hence, the large-scale frustration, cynicism and lack of citizen participation. So, we throw up our hands in sad, helpless resignation.

We need more than snap shot / dipstick polls, general petitions, or rallies. This public pressure must be constituent-based to have any effect. Reps need to know in bigger numbers what their constituents are feeling on all issues. But because they don't have to disclose what they are being told by the few that do opine, they are safe in their bubbles and do whatever they please. You will be glad to know that, with your help, life as our DC reps know it is OVER.

Transformational internet and computer technology have finally caught up with and filled this gapping void to bring Americans back into the governing process with severe clout and electoral consequences to representatives that ignore this new source of policy-making data: their constituent majorities, AKA, the American people. Enter www.eVoiceAmerica.com. James Madison would have embraced this as the fulfillment and embodiment of his prophetic "public opinion" solution.

Are you ready to "Re-Own YOUR/OUR America Now" from your computer? To Sign On, Speak Out and Be Counted on Obamacare, the Debt, the election, energy independence and many other issues, go to www.eVoiceAmerica.com to learn more.