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Custom-Issue-Selection Take-Action Site Buttons AND Daily Data Reports

Your organization will generate invaluable goodwill and mobilize your site visitors when they realize that you have provided them with an immediate, easy, take-action tool/button on your site to email their personal opinions simultaneously to multiple DC elected reps on their personal elected rep list. NOW, your members can be heard and counted on issues important to you and to them. These organizational Take-Action tools/site buttons permit your organization to select how often to change and promote YOUR TARGET ISSUES based upon your priorities and the news cycle.

Why eVoiceAmerica's (eVA) Take-Action buttons/tools are so powerful -- You select YOUR issue on YOUR timetable with YOUR look for placement on your site to mobilize your site visitors to email their DC elected reps -- to generate aggregated, majority percentages based upon your members' eVotes to Congress on your issues. Using your subscriber's dashboard, eVA's "Custom Issue Selection" (CIS) take-action tool gives you total flexibility to program issues into your site's take-action button! See samples below.

You can change your selected issue(s) as often as needed: more than one or many issues per day, week or month; one issue per day, one issue for multiple days, or a combination of these. You have the flexibility of the multiple options described below to customize your site's take-action button.

When your site visitors click your site's take-action tool, they will be taken to eVA's patented, opinion submission template (example below) to easily email their elected reps, eVote, AND BE COUNTED. They will stay within your site during this process.

Using your customized dashboard (below), you can search eVA's Issues List by key words/phrases to locate and select an issue or issues. Then embed that issue in your dashboard which automatically uploads the issue into your site's Take-Action button (no developer time required). You can embed your take-action tool on multiple pages within your organization's url, and your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Custom-Issue-Selection / Take-Action Tools Offer Two, Issue-Generating and User-Mobilizing Features with Multiple BeneFIRSTsTM

  1. CIS Take-Action Button - Description: Search, select, and embed an issue from eVA's existing Issues List into your site's tool.

  2. The CIS Tool Daily Data Report includes: site visitor email addresses of those who register as eVA users for the first time and who originate from your site tool (no other personal information is included per eVA's Privacy Policy) a) national Yes / No eVote majority percentages for custom-selected issues only; b) site visitors' Yes / No eVote percentages for custom-selected issues only; c) anonymous, voluntary demographic data generated from user's My Profile; d) all opinions by issue(s) which are keyword / phrase searchable using data management software; e) .csv-formatted for sorting by column and row.

  3. Create-Your-Own-Issue (CYOI) Take-Action Tool: If your issue of interest is 1) not in eVA's Issue List, or 2) the issue wording regarding the issue in eVA's Issues List does not reflect your wording preference or specific focus, you can follow the process to embed a custom issue into your site tool. For instance,

    • If your organization has a more specific, or new, or nuanced issue about which it wishes your site visitors to email their elected reps and eVote, this issue can be created within your take-action tool dashboard. Then the issue can be changed or update as needed using eVA's Issues List or you can create your own issue.

    • If you, as a talk-radio host or media outlet, have just interviewed an author or a special guest, you can go to your dashboard and create a unique issue relevant to your interview content about which your audience can email their elected reps and eVote. This will provide you first-ever, audience feedback on the impact of your guest(s). Their audience response and feedback will be part of your Daily Data Report. Then the issue can be changed or updated as needed using eVA's Issues List or create your own issue.

Only eVoiceAmerica's "Custom Issue Selection" Take-Action Tool Does All This:

The combined power of blogs, media, and organizations mobilizing their site visitors to email and eVote their opinions to Congress can increase eVA's user opinion numbers into the millions daily and over time. Growing the number of user opinion submissions and Yes/No eVotes on important issues will grow the eVote majority percentage data and opinions to Congress. This empowers your site visitors to create constituent majorities that Congress cannot ignore when voting on legislation relating to issues and policies they and you care about.