How Senators, House Reps, and POTUS Can Use eVoiceAmerica's Constituent-Validated,
Daily Constituent Report to Aggregate Their Constituents' Opinions by Issue and Daily Electability Percentages - for the First Time, Ever

eVoiceAmerica's Data Source for the
Daily Constituent Report:
YOUR Validated Constituents, the American People.

Report Content: This daily report contains the following constituent-validated information: issue question; personal opinion; constituent's name, address, city, county, state, and zip code (zip+4 to enable exact constituent validation), email address; scale of importance; Yes/No eVote (details below); and Electability Percentages (details below). The data in red is in addition to the information required in your .gov webform.

FYI: As a Member of Congress, your eVA Daily, Majority Percentages
(on issues and your electability) will be public information:
on 1) eVA's site, 2) through its subscription Reports,
3) to ALL Members of Congress and POTUS, and 4) major media outlets

Important! If your office is not currently receiving this FREE Daily Report, please contact with the name and email address of the staff member to receive this Report.

To understand how provides its new, constituent-validated majorities, let's first answer the question:

What Is

Why the eVoiceAmerica User Experience Is Important to
POTUS and Every Member of Congress is a new, free, one-stop, non-partisan, take-action platform for Americans to easily email their Senators, House Rep, POTUS, and so much more...

How Your Constituents Use This Powerful, Take-Action Site

  1. All eVoiceAmerica (eVA) users are provided a recurring list of their current, constituent-validated, Elected Reps (ERs), based on their zip+4 postal code, each time they login to generate a personal opinion.

  2. Users can search for and locate, using keywords, the issues of importance to them within eVA's current Issues List.
  3. eVA users can send one opinion to multiple ERs simultaneously.
  4. Upon selection of an issue, they are taken to eVA's patented, opinion-submission screen where they:
    1. eVote Yes or No in answer to the issue statement's question;
    2. Write their personal opinions, not prefabricated messages;

    3. Select which ERs, from their personalized ER list, are to receive their opinions.

  5. All user-submitted data is stored in the eVA relational database to generate this and other reports.

Using this opinion data, eVA generates three daily reports:

  1. Daily Constituent Report (DCR) which is FREE to each member of Congress;
  2. Congressional Coalition Builder (CCB) Report (online subscription); and
  3. Congressional Electability Percentages (CEP) Report (online subscription). All are detailed by these titles in the Products tab.

eVA's Constituent-Based, Power Punch to Congress: After users submit their opinions to their selected ERs, eVA

●  isolates all eVotes from the user's identity  ●  separates eVotes into issues  ●  calculates all eVotes (which are now anonymous) into aggregated,  ●  Yes / No  ●  constituent-validated  ●  majority percentages  ●  on all issues  ●  nationally, and  ●  by individual House Rep and Senator

The online, Daily Constituent Report data, described above, is generated based upon the eVA opinion data acquired as described below.

NOTE: To protect the privacy of eVA users, all percentage data is aggregated without the user's personal information. The only exception is the DCR in which the same personal, constituent information, required for the reps' .gov webform submission, is included in this report to enable members of Congress to validate constituency and reply to their constituents.

In addition, eVA's Majority Percentages Embody
Two Core Principles of Democracy

   A plurality of interests and values which cross gender, political party, ethnic, economic, racial, educational, and religious lines;
   AND, ipso facto, by their very nature, prevent a "tyranny of the minority."

Contents of eVoiceAmerica's Free, Daily Constituent Report (DCR)
  • Based on eVA user-submitted opinions and eVotes, eVA then emails to EACH member of Congress, or their designated staff member, a FREE, daily, constituent-validated DCR.
  • The content of the DCR is identical to the constituent-validated data provided within each ERs' .gov webform, including email addresses for Congressional replies.
  • In addition to required webform information, eVA's DCR provides the following, first-ever, essential, and critical information:
    • Issue-based, majority percentages - These are the daily, eVote percentages, aggregated by individual issue, and calculated into majority percentages from all opinions submitted by all constituents for each member of Congress.
    • Electability percentages - These are the daily, Yes/No vote percentages which are aggregated and calculated into majority electability percentages for each ER based on constituents' Yes or No vote to answer, "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?"

FYI: eVA also offers these daily subscriptions for use in building coalitions:

Congressional Coalition Builder (CCB) Report and
Congressional Electability Percentages (CEP) Report

For details on these reports, see the Products tab for these titles.