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The innovative nature of requires a one-stop FAQ to thoroughly explain the Whys and Wherefores of the site. We invite you to read answers to your questions about this site.

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  1. Links to your personal list of 11 Washington reps
  2. Elected reps’ official inboxes
  3. Yes/No eVote
  4. Yes/No eVote percentage graph
  5. Daily Data Reports (DDRs)
  6. Externally imposed accountability from the outside in
  7. Real-time candidates’ standings
  8. eVoiceAmerica is non-partisan
  9. Definition of the Supreme Court

1. Links to your personal list of 11 Washington reps:

Your personal list of 11 Washington reps with their email addresses includes your five DC reps based on your residence address (zip+4): President, Vice President, two Senators, House Rep, as well as Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Minority Leader of the House, the Supreme Court, and your Governor. As an eVoice user, this list will present each time you log in. You can select 1 or as many as you choose to receive your opinions. You can change your address at any time.

2. Elected reps’ official inboxes: emails your opinions to elected reps’ official, government inboxes as listed in and eVoice connects you directly to the rep’s Contact Me webform. You then complete his/her webform template and submit your opinion. You are readily acknowledged as a validated constituent whose opinion is tallied when accessing the reps in this way.

3. Yes/No eVote:

Each opinion submitted to a rep requires a Yes or No eVote as to the issue being submitted to an ER. These eVotes are anonymously captured and retained in eVoiceAmerica’s patented, relational database for use in tracking and counting them for each issue. The Yes or No is part of the opinion received by every ER so it can be easily tallied by reps’ staff.

4. Yes/No eVote percentage graph:

Before and after you submit your opinion to your ERs, eVoice presents a Yes/No percentage bar graph for the issue you selected which shows in real time where other eVoicers stand who voice their opinions on the same issue that day and how your eVote affects that percentage after you have submitted your opinion.

5. Daily Data Reports (DDRs):

DDR is emailed to eVoiceAmerica subscribers at 11:59 PM/PT. Depending upon the subscription purchased, a subscriber can obtain one or all of the following: Yes/No percentages for Top Issues (national only); all issues; national and the organization’s users’ Yes/No eVote Percentageds. See tabs, How Organizations Can Benefit from eVoiceAmerica”

6. Externally imposed accountability from the outside in:

What is “externally imposed accountability from the outside in”? Yes/No data which is tracked for millions of American opinions, reported to ERs, and made available to and published by bloggers, cause-based groups, the media, and ERs will mandate that Washington reflect the will of the People in a representative democracy.

7. Real-time candidates’ standings:

eVoicers can support their favorite Presidential candidate daily or as often as they choose by emailing that candidate and providing a reason. eVoiceAmerica provides a real-time standing of the results of all eVoicers supporting candidates.

8. eVoiceAmerica is non-partisan:

Its issue-based questions are asked in a simple, straight-forward way with no complex syntax, such that there can be no hidden agenda driving them. Thus, the "yes" and "no" responses (which are part of the innovative opinion template) and personally generated text opinions are the genuine, unfiltered, straight-forward positions of concerned Americans. Your nuances and distinctions/qualifications according to your personal perspective can be added in your opinion text. Further, is self-funded by two private citizens with no partisan, special interest group, or corporate funding. See the About eVoice tab regarding the Founders.

9. eVoiceAmerica connects Americans to the Supreme Court: is the only citizen Take Action site that easily connects concerned Americans directly to the Supreme Court’s Public Information email to give the Court citizen input and issue-based, Yes/No percentages on its upcoming decisions. Contrary to a widespread misconception, the Supreme Court can be influenced by public opinion.