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Subscribe to eVoiceAmerica’s First-Ever, “Top & All Issues” Take-Action Tool AND “Daily Data Report” to Mobilize Your Site Visitors to Email Their DC Elected Reps

You will generate invaluable goodwill and mobilize your site visitors when they realize that you have provided them with an immediate, easy, take-action tool to email their DC elected reps to be heard and counted on issues important to you and to them. These organizational subscription options, described below, permit your organization to select how often to change and offer your preferred issues.

eVoiceAmerica’s "Top & All Issues" Take Action Tool — How It Works for Your Users:

  • By clicking this tool in your site, your site visitors receive their personalized list of DC elected reps
  • Users can choose from 20+ Top Issues and many others and easily email their elected reps
  • Users generate a personal opinion and an anonymous eVote Yes or No on their selected issues
  • Users can write one opinion email and send it to multiple reps
  • Users vote Yes or No to re-elect (or not) their current reps
  • Users submit their emails directly to the offices of their elected reps
  • Users get daily, national, issue-based, Yes/ No percentages on site to learn where they stand with other Americans

Now, you, as an organization, can subscribe to eVoiceAmerica’s “Top & All” Daily Data Report. This Daily Data Report contains anonymous, issue-specific Yes/No, issue-based eVote percentages, and anonymous user opinions and emails them to you on a subscription basis. This report documents and disseminates what Americans are telling Congress as Yes / No, Issue-based percentages, daily and over time.

Only eVoiceAmerica’s “Top & All Issues” Take-Action Tool Does All This:

  • Gives your members, site visitors, and audience an easy, powerful tool to connect to Washington. Using this tool makes easily accessible to your organization’s site visitors. Access to this feature creates goodwill for you, the subscribing organization, because it empowers your site visitors and supporters to connect to Washington with little cost to the sponsoring organization.

  • When your visitor clicks your Top & All take-action tool, your site visitors will be taken to eVoiceAmerica’s patented, email-submission template (shown below) to easily email their reps and be counted.

  • Continuously tracks national, issue-based, Yes/No percentages so your organization can inform your members, site visitors, and audience of this data.

  • This, in turn, will enable you to continue to mobilize them.
  • eVoiceAmerica auto-sends the subscriber organization an eVoiceAmerica Daily Data Report of these percentages.

  • eVoiceAmerica offers other take-action tools to enable you to custom-select your issues or create your own issues. Click “Products” tab.

eVoiceAmerica’s Summary of BeneFIRSTS to Organization
and Site Visitors

This is a sample graphic of the Tool button. Upon subscription, 1) copy the graphic; 2) eVoiceAmerica will provide you a code so you can then embed this graphic within your site. This code will also include mouse-over text explaining to your site visitors. This tool will take your visitors to the eVoiceAmerica home page for them to select and opine upon their issue(s) of interest.

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  • All subscriptions include license fee and data for use of eVoiceAmerica's take-action tools.
  • All take-action tools: After your 30-day trial, your credit card will be charged monthly based upon the credit card information used for the initial subscription. You may add a CIS take-action tool and DDR, and/or a Re-Elect Me, and/or Federal Congressional DDR, and/or 2016 Presidential Election Take Action tool and DRR, at any time, by logging in to your Control Panel.
  • Subscription prices are subject to change at any time with 30 days' notice.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button within the Control Panel. To locate this, click the link for the subscription you wish to cancel in your Control Panel and scroll down to the Unsubscribe button. Your subscription will continue to the end of the cancellation month. There will be no pro-rated refunds.
  • Subscriber has exclusive ownership of email addresses of those users registering for eVoiceAmerica for the first time who have reached eVoiceAmerica from the organization’s CIS take-action tools or any other eVoiceAmerica’s take-action tools. See Privacy Policy.
  • DDRs are emailed only to the report recipient designated in the Subscriber Profile. The report recipient can be changed at any time within the Control Panel for each subscription. If you wish to add a report recipient, a new subscription is required. Only one recipient per subscription is permitted.
  • None of eVoiceAmerica’s issue-based data contained in its subscription Daily Data Reports is subject to resale or distribution of any kind, in whole or in part, under any circumstances, and is limited to subscriber’s use only. See Terms of Use.