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as of July 1, 2018 has created this Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) to clearly communicate its commitment to user privacy. This Policy is applicable to the website (the Site) and any other website or online communications facilities owned or operated by eVoiceAmerica Data LLC / (collectively “eVoice”). eVoice reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. Use of eVoice demonstrates user’s consent to eVoice’s collection and use of information which 1) the user voluntarily submits using site features; 2) pursuant to this Policy and 3) continued use of this site following the posting of Policy changes will signify user’s acceptance of such changes. This Policy governs the use of user’s name, email address, residence address, payment information, and similar personal information that user may provide eVoice in the course of using eVoice, its products, or its services. Collects Personal Information Only for These Limited Purposes. eVoice collects personal information to provide certain products and services to its users and data subscription customers. For example, if a user:

  • Places a product or subscription order, eVoice will collect and use user’s name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information only to fulfill user’s order;
  • Requests promotional information, eVoice will collect and use user’s name and address, or email address for fulfillment and follow-up purposes only;
  • Posts information within any of eVoice’s interactive features, eVoice will collect and store user’s email address only to 1) email user updates about eVoice, its products, and services; 2) publicize aggregated data as described on the Site; and 3) to convey constituent data to user’s elected reps to validate user’s constituency.
  • Sign-ups up for the eVoice’s voluntary email list, eVoice will collect information from user to facilitate publishing notices to that voluntary mailing list;
  • Sends eVoice link(s) to friends through the eVoice website, eVoice will collect the information from user necessary for the transmission / sharing of those links.

Any information user submits about him/herself in eVoice’s registration process is also contained in the user’s or subscriber’s My Account “Profiles,” and “Voluntary Data” screens and may be used by eVoice to provide user’s requested services, communicate with user about eVoice products, improve user online experience, or support eVoice’s continuing efforts to offer eVoice users the information and services users want most. Currently, eVoice does not share user’s specific information with non-affiliated companies or organizations outside of without user’s permission, with the exception of Paragraph 3 above. However, eVoice provides reports containing aggregated statistical data (which contain no personal, user information) and information regarding eVoice’s sales, traffic patterns; and related site information to third parties. Users are responsible for checking this Policy periodically to monitor any changes to eVoice’s data-sharing practices.

In addition, eVoice may, and user hereby authorizes eVoice to, disclose user’s personal information when required to do so by law.

eVoice’s Email Announcements and Newsletters. eVoice can use users’ email addresses to send eVoice announcements regarding new products, issues, features, services, promotions, and / or informational newsletters. Announcements via email are on an opt-in basis only. Users can choose to unsubscribe to eVoice’s email notices at any time. The unsubscribe instructions are detailed in the Subscription purchase, confirmation page which instructions the subscriber is directed to save for future reference. eVoice will also reply to customer emails via email.

Security Is eVoice’s Top Concern. Although eVoice carefully selects its third-party service providers, advertisers, and other affiliates, it is sensitive to the privacy and security of users’ personal information and intends to safeguard such information. However, eVoice cannot guarantee absolute security for such information delivered in confidence to any such third parties. Such information may be transmitted through or using the Internet, other public telecommunications networks, servers, hardware and software (“systems”) that are not owned, operated, or controlled by eVoice, and eVoice makes no assurances that such information will remain private when transmitted by eVoice through such systems. Although eVoice uses industry standards and best practices to protect user privacy, eVoice does not promise, and user should not expect, that user’s personally identifiable information or private communications are impenetrable by hackers.

eVoice Uses Cookies. eVoice collects certain information about how website visitors and users use the eVoice website by using “cookies” technology, which are bits of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies can enhance users’ online experience by automatically saving users’ preferences. eVoice uses cookies because they help provide users a better online experience. The information eVoice collects using cookies allows eVoice to know when and for how long users logged on to the eVoice website, so that eVoice can understand how to better serve its users’ needs. If a user objects to the use of cookies for any reason, the user may set his/her Internet browser to notify user when she/he receives a cookie, giving the user the opportunity to accept or reject it. If, however, a user declines to receive cookies, the user may have difficulty in using certain features of the Site.

eVoice’s Interactive Features. eVoice is not liable for opinions posted in eVoice’s public interactive areas. eVoice provides interactive areas such as Comments which contain user opinions on each issue to enhance the user experience and to build a robust, vocal, political community around eVoice’s political platform. eVoice posts user opinions as Comments on each issue with only the eVoice user name as the source, which is standard practice on most websites. By using eVoice, users consent to this practice.

Users acknowledge that participation in such public interactive features by submitting personal opinions in such areas is voluntary and may be accessed by third-party, Site visitors. There is no personal information (name, address, or email address) connected to or contained in eVoice’s public interactive areas. DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN EVOICE’S PUBLIC, INTERACTIVE AREAS

No Personal Information Is Contained in eVoice’s Subscription Daily Data Reports. eVoice subscription data reports only contain aggregated data. There is only one situation in which users’ personal information will be connected to their opinions: the free, Daily Constituent Majorities Report which eVoice sends to users’ elected officials will contain user’s name, address, email, and opinion. This fulfills eVoice’s public commitment to deliver user opinions and eVotes to each user’s personal list of elected representatives (ERs) (as described in Paragraph 3 above) to hold them accountable to the People. This is necessary so that users’ ERs 1) can verify that all opinions contained in the report were generated by their validated constituents, and 2) so that ERs can respond to users’ opinions as their constituents. This is the same information all constituents are required to provide when using the official, US Congressional web forms to verify constituency. If a user chooses to enter his/her information required in the registration process and/or enter voluntary demographic data; or submit opinion data, user’s name, address or email will never be disclosed in eVoice subscription, data reports or in any public documents or forums.

eVoice Links. The Site may contain links to websites not owned or controlled by eVoice. eVoice is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any such sites.

eVoice Ownership. is owned and operated by eVoiceAmerica Data LLC. For further information about eVoice or the Site, please visit the “Contact Us” and the “Why eVoiceAmerica?“ sections of the site

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