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By viewing and reading what follows, you'll learn how eVoiceAmerica.com makes it super easy to connect to Washington AND can make it possible for Americans to know what Americans are telling Washington. Yes/No percentages on Top Issues in real time and over time are available to users onsite. eVoiceAmerica's comprehensive "massroots" data is available to organizations and all media for analytics. Doing is better than reading, so click View Topics to Speak Out. Then, if you want to know more, read what follows. It will include the site content, video content of both home-page videos, and additional detail to fully describe the features and benefits of eVoiceAmerica.com.

"Intro to eVoiceAmerica.com" (3:30 min. video)

"How My Organization Can Benefit from eVoiceAmerica" (2 min. video)

Sandra Boyack Brazier and Deidra Boyack Jeffries are long-time entrepreneurs, graduates of UCLA, business owners, joint holders of five US patents, identical twin sisters, and are the inventors and co-founders of www.evoiceamerica.com.

As everyday Americans, we saw a huge communication gap in the Federal representative process: connecting to our elected reps was so daunting and time-consuming we "everyday Americans" just couldn't accomplish it. Radio hosts would tell us, "Write your Congressman! Write your Senator!" But they had no resource to help us do this! The process to do this on our own (locate their district numbers for reps, get their names, and email addresses) was so tedious and clumsy that we ended up not doing it! There was no site which had an easy, one-stop way to send one message to one or all of them.

We figured if we were stumped and frustrated, so were millions of others and that a solution was needed. We needed to connect to Washington and Washington needed to hear from millions more of us. So we developed eVoiceAmerica.com to give Americans an easy way to know who represents them, and send personal opinions to them as validated constituents. Along the way we added a first-ever Yes/No eVote with each opinion sent so our reps can easily tally them by issue; we capture these eVotes and convert them to issue-tracking percentages daily and over time; and publish those percentages on site and to the media. So now, we believe, that we and Americans can know what Americans are telling Washington in real time and over time on important issues-daily or often as desired. And Washington can more easily tally what Americans are telling them. eVoice's relational database captures and correlates hundreds of issues separately with Yes/No eVotes, scale of interest, user's political party, user-designated congressional recipients, city, county, state, zip code, zip+4, and several levels of voluntary, demographic information.

Also, we learned Congress doesn't tell us what their constituents are telling them on important issues so we don't know how they should be expected to vote on major issues. Thus, they can vote however they wish. This was and is unacceptable. This need no longer be the case, as we explain below.

We believed that the internet could be used and, when combined with information technology and the media, would give Americans a truly new, maximum-strength, voice to create change. We have spent the past four years developing this site, drawing upon an amazing group of talented website programmers who took our vision from concept to reality, with support of our husbands and adult children. We did so without outside funding so that we are not beholden to any outside interests.

Welcome to eVoiceAmerica.com! The one-stop, FREE, non-partisan site that easily connects you to EVERYONE who represents you in Washington.

Recurring, Personal List of 11 Elected Reps

This is your recurring, personal list of the 11 people you elected to represent you. This list is micro-matched to our Congressional database based upon your address zip+4 extension making it absolutely accurate. This list is also automatically updated based upon elections, retirement, and deaths. This list appears the first time you log on when you've registered as a new user so you know that eVoiceAmerica delivers that all-important list, the reason you signed on. It will present again, and in all future logons, with check boxes so you can select which reps you want to receive your opinions.

Step 1 of 4: Top Issues List

Click an issue from the "Top Issues" list and click on the issue you'd like to write your elected rep about. Seven of the Top Issues are shown as a sample. Typically, there could be 15+ issues presented in this list.

This Top Issues list updates in real time based on the number of users' eVotes which drive an issue to the top of the list OR as new issues are introduced by major political or legislative events through the media. Also, there are hundreds of other issues listed below this list which are listed alphabetically by topic and are also searchable by key words and phrases. This list of issues gives users the chance to opine on other issues important to them but which are not necessarily Top Issues. Lastly, users can "Suggest an Issue" if their issue of concern is not listed in the full Topics List. Their opinions will be received by their reps the same as listed issues. So, eVoiceAmerica is user-driven.

Step 2. eVoiceAmerica's Opinion Submission Screen

You click Yes or No [circled in yellow] to the issue question you selected [in green] and write a personal opinion [circled in orange]. The percentage graph [in purple at the top] tells you where you stand with other Americans on this issue before you eVote. This is valuable information as you formulate the wording of your opinion. A user can eVote only once per day per issue to prevent skewing the data. You can submit opinions and eVotes on as many issues as you like in a day, but only one eVote per day, per issue, is permitted. An attempt to submit more than one eVote on a given issue will be rejected with a notice that the user has already eVoted on this issue. eVoice is programmed to reject opinions containing any vulgar or threatening language. See eVoice's Terms of Use. This screen is the cornerstone of eVoiceAmerica based on the first-ever Yes/No eVote capture function, which will be explained below.

Step 3. Recurring, Personal List of Reps with Check Boxes

This is your recurring, personal list of reps shown earlier but this time with check boxes. One opinion can be easily copied and pasted, and sent to up to 11 reps. eVoice presents those reps you elected and leadership reps for both houses of Congress so you can speak out as a constituent to your elected reps and as a citizen of America to House and Senate leadership.

Step 4: Web Form List

Your U.S. Senators and Representatives require you to email them through their official websites, which is a good thing. Email addresses can be too easily changed which would make maintaining a reliable database impossible. Since their official web forms are stable based on their official status within the government, eVoice's database, which makes them available to you, is reliable. Based on the reps you checked, a list of their web forms will appear. You click these links to email your opinion to each of them. eVoice instantly connects you to their official website's Contact Us page for all the reps you checked. The highlighted reps are those you elected; others are leadership reps. The five leadership reps have a different web form than their House or Senate web form which eVoice has provided. They have a web form that receives emails from all Americans whether or not they are constituents.

Sample Web Form List for a Texas Constituent

eVoice provides a simple instruction to highlight and copy your selected issue, eVote, and opinion. You then simply paste this content into the Comments section of each rep's web form, complete the fields they/the reps have marked with an asterisk, then Submit. Your opinion will be received by your elected reps. Often the recurring template provided within each web form is pre-populated after you have emailed your rep the first time. So, it's really easy from then on. To save you time, eVoice has drilled down from the web form's home page to the Email Me or Contact Us page for each of the 535 House reps, Senators, and Congressional leadership.

eVoice is much simpler than phone calls which can lead to busy signals and long waits. Your opinions will be taken much more seriously by reps than generic internet petitions, stock emails, faxes, and e-blasts.

Other take-action tools and sites do not convey user emails to the reps' official web form. They bucket them within their database for voluntary access by the reps which stops short of the user expectation that their opinions actually reached their elected reps. Reps understand that emails from these sites are too often stock emails and not personally written. Hence, they are often discounted or even ignored by reps. Personally written opinions received through their web forms, such as the ones submitted through eVoiceAmerica, are valued and tallied. eVoice users will receive a Thank You (if the rep chooses to do so, not all do) from the reps they email which does not happen with other take action sites. The take action site will send a thank you--not the same thing.

Lastly, your Yes or No eVote will be contained in your opinion to your rep. This makes tallying your vote easy for your rep and staff members. This is a unique eVoice service to you and our reps. They can easily tally all opinions received via eVoice. Below is the message content your rep receives from you via eVoice: the issue, eVote, and your opinion.

Percentage Graph: Where You Stand with Others Using eVoiceAmerica

After you've submitted your opinion and eVote, eVoice's percentage graph shows in real time where you stand in relation to other Americans who use eVoiceAmerica.com to that point in time for that day.

When this screen presents, you can click the red button below the percentage graphic which directs you to eVoice's "7-Day Graph" so you can see issue tracking percentages for that issue for the previous seven days.

eVoice's First-Ever Power Punch: the Yes/No eVote

eVoice captures an individual Yes/No, issue-based eVote which is attached to all constituent emails and converts them to Yes/No percentages on Top Issues (and all issues) in real time and over time. It then provides and makes the issue and percentages available on site to you or by its "eVoice Daily Data (EDD) Report" to all media, and Washington -- so that "We the People" can be heard in numbers that count--and numbers that are counted. Below is a concept graphic. When eVoice reaches a significant eVote threshold, this will change to a real-time (and over time) graph programmed to reflect the issue-tracking capability of eVoice and the voice of eVoice users. The on-site "7-Day Graph" shows percentages for the previous seven days. However, eVoice's database tracks all issues beyond and prior to those seven days in its EDD Reports and eVoice's Massroots Data Report. This data is available on a subscription basis for organizations. Click "How My Organization Can Benefit from eVoice."

These Yes/No percentages are eVoice's "massroots" data gathered from America's grassroots -- data that reports what Washington is being emailed and told by Americans.

Massroots data is not intended to be a statistical sample--it's a subset of Americans,

potentially in the millions who email their reps through eVoiceAmerica.com.

Regarding the value of the "wisdom of crowds": "What is striking [and] what makes a phrase like 'the wisdom of crowds' meaningful is just how much information a group's collective verdict so often contains... The crowd is holding a nearly complete picture of the world in its collective brain.... With most things, the average is mediocrity. With decision-making, it's often excellence. You could say it's as if we've been programmed to be collectively smart." (James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds, emphasis added; p. 11, Anchor Books, 2005) We believe the wisdom of eVoiceAmerica's constituent majority / massroots percentage data will reflect that Americans are "collectively smart."

As we well know, elected reps rarely, if ever, tell the public how many people contact them on important issues, much less how those opinions break down as Yes/No percentages. This keeps us from knowing what they have been told as the mind and will of the American People.

This is a vast, unacceptable, even threatening, Black Hole in the representative process. 25 million constituent emails were sent into this Congressional Black Hole through a most prominent, Capitol Hill, take-action site last year.

None were tagged with a Yes/No eVote,

nor number crunched as Yes/No percentages,

nor reported to America to track the impact of these 25 million emails.

Black Hole: eVoiceAmerica's Solutions

Those same 25 million grassroots emails (potentially even more), when submitted through eVoiceAmerica.com,

will report the will of the People as massroots/grassroots Yes/No percentage data

in a way that radio, TV, PACs, political advocacy groups, and blogs can report to America and which cannot be ignored by Washington.

Now, Washington reps will know that we know what America is telling them. Transparency restored. Accountability restored. Washington illuminated.

To learn how your organization and eVoiceAmerica can work together, view the 2- minute video: "How My Organization Can Benefit from eVoiceAmerica". eVoice and your organization can work together to accomplish three important goals when your organization subscribes/registers and installs the eVoice Take Action tool/widget on its site:

  1. Register for and install eVoice's Take Action tool/widget:

    Easily Email All YOUR Elected Reps in Washington

    eVoice gives individuals an easy, powerful tool to connect to Washington. This creates goodwill for the organization that installs eVoice's Take Action tool/widget because it empowers its members and supporters to act with little cost to the sponsoring organization.

    As your organization's site visitors engage and use eVoice's tool/widget, they will speak out on those issues of importance to your organization--the reason they came to your site in the first place. Each widget is customized and programmed with an organization-specific code to tag all email addresses, opinions, and issue-tracking data for your members for the daily subscription reports described below. eVoice's subscription fee is less than half of the subscription amount for current take action tools which do not offer issue-tracking, massroots percentage data. An EDD subscription includes the code for the eVoice Take Action tool for free. Use of the tool (installing it on your site) is optional if your need is for the EDD report only.

  2. Receive eVoice's Daily Data Report. eVoice's Take Action tool anonymously tracks activity and automatically sends a subscribing organization eVoice Daily Data Report on Yes/No eVote percentages from those visitors coming through the organization's site along with the corresponding national percentages on Top Issues. Your organization can then determine how its members' Yes/No eVote percentages compare to the national Yes/No eVote percentages daily or over time. Your organization can, in turn, inform its supporters, members, listeners, readers of this issue-tracking data and learn that your organization is achieving its goals or perhaps, potentially, can reassess the means to achieve its goals based on EDD Reports.

    Analytics can be applied to eVoice's three types of data all of which are integrated and can be correlated: 1) issue-tracking, real-time and over time, Yes/No percentages; 2) user geographic data (county, city, state, and zip+4 extension); and 3) voluntary demographic data for dozens of variables. See "Voluntary Demographic Data" section below.

  3. Grow your organization's email address list. eVoice automatically sends a subscriber organization a daily excel report listing email addresses from the organization's visitors and members who used the eVoice Take Action tool on your site to express opinions. This is an attachment to all EDD subscription reports.

eVoice recognizes that it's always important, even critical, to grow your organization's email address list. Its customized Take Action tool captures the email addresses of visitors (registered and unregistered) from your site and auto sends you a daily excel report of their email addresses. So directing your visitors and members to speak out using eVoice's tool will grow your email address list.

eVoiceAmerica's Voluntary Demographic Data

The Profile page extends to the eVoice user an opportunity to provide anonymous, personal data. While this profile data is anonymous (as to the user's name and residence address), it is constituent matched and validated and, thus, of optimal value to elected reps and organizations. Potentially, users will appreciate that this anonymous data will assist their reps, organizations, and media to better understand the will of the people and reflect it in drafting legislation and defining campaign/election platforms. Having accomplished these legislative, campaign/election results, those responsible for legislation and elected reps will know that through eVoice, they will be accountable.

As user numbers grow, this real-time, Yes/No, issue-tracking, "massroots" percentage data will be available as EDD Reports to the media to communicate to America as blog/media content. This data will be a new kind of news.

Analytics can be applied to eVoice's three types of data all of which are integrated and can be correlated: 1) issue-tracking, real-time and over time, Yes/No percentages; 2) user geographic data (county, city, state, and zip+4 extension); and 3) voluntary demographic data for dozens of variables.

Americans, through eVoice and the media, can now hold our reps publicly accountable. So eVoice's "Super easy" becomes super powerful. SM

Now, radio and TV political talk show hosts, PACs, PAGs, media commentators, and bloggers have a one-stop, full-service, free, non-partisan site to which they can direct their audiences and readers to speak out to Washington. For every phone call that gets a Washington busy signal, all eVoiceAmerica.com email opinions will not only get through but will be tallied by Congress because they are constituent-validated, personally written, and have a Yes or No eVote embedded in each opinion for easy tallying.

eVoiceAmerica creates a new partnership between Americans and the media to hold Washington accountable.

Informing your readers about eVoiceAmerica.com will give them a new, easy way to be heard in Washington, 24/7, not just on Election Day, AND provide you with a "new kind of news" for your audience.

So, using eVoiceAmerica's Yes/No eVote capture, Americans can now know what our reps are being told, and our reps can know that we know what they are being told about where Americans stand on all issues.

Analytics can be applied to eVoice's three types of data all of which are integrated and can be correlated: 1) issue-tracking, real-time and over time, Yes/No percentages; 2) user geographic data (county, city, state, and zip+4 extension); and 3) voluntary demographic data for dozens of variables.

Coming Soon. eVoice Massroots Data (EMD) Report as a legislator coalition-building tool: a new legislative and media tool for transparency and accountability. As eVoice achieves its full potential, eVoiceAmerica's unique issue-tracking data contained in eVoiceAmerica's EMD Report potentially will give reps the ability to know on a daily basis and over time

  1. how other reps' constituents are lining up (the constituent Yes/No percentages for all other reps' issue-based emails) on all significant issues so they can more effectively build coalitions with reps with like-minded constituents;
  2. know which states and districts are evenly split on a given issue and how all other states and districts are aligning to "break the tie" or when a vote is potentially close; and
  3. to put pressure on reps to vote consistent with the majority of their constituents or call out those that vote against their constituents' majorities based on eVoiceAmerica's issue-tracking percentage data for their districts or states.

To date, constituent opinion data between reps in other states or districts is acquired informally on a per-issue basis by phone, water cooler chats, lunches--archaic, inadequate, anecdotal, unreliable, and ineffectual. As eVoiceAmerica's data grows and its data becomes significant, the totality of this data for all reps and issues will be available as eVoice's Massroots Data in one report. For example, from this EMD Report, Arizona and Texas house reps and senators can know Yes/No constituent percentages on, for instance, securing the US/Mexico border for Wisconsin, Delaware and Virginia's districts and states (or in any combination or for all states and districts). The coalition-building scenarios are endless and powerful.

The integrated data provided in the EMD Report can create unprecedented, legislative informational networks, cross-connectivity, and accountability that can enhance the democratic process in favor of federal reps voting consistent with their constituent majorities. This data will also give elected reps the confidence they need to hold their ground in difficult votes under pressure from the opposition knowing they have reliable data on how their constituents are positioned on given issues.

As stated above but bears repeating here, this is the value of the "Wisdom of Crowds". We take to liberty of applying the below quote to wisdom of eVoiceAmerica's constituent majority/massroots data to constructively influence Washington:

"What is striking [and] what makes a phrase like 'the wisdom of crowds' meaningful is just how much information a group's collective verdict so often contains... The crowd is holding a nearly complete picture of the world in its collective brain.... With most things, the average is mediocrity. With decision-making, it's often excellence. You could say it's as if we've been programmed to be collectively smart." (James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds, emphasis added; p. 11, Anchor Books, 2005)

eVoiceAmerica's Candidates 2012 page enables Americans to Support by eVote one candidate for President on a daily basis, or as often as desired, and provide reasons for that support. Users can concurrently give reasons they do not support, lean toward, lean against, or are against any or all other listed candidates. This Candidates page tracks the leading candidate daily in real time and over time. Voter opinions can be sub-setted and analyzed by candidate's name, issues and keywords/phrases regarding the candidates' positions stated in the user's Reasons text. No personal information is required (only city, county, state, zip code, and party affiliation) to eVote so the page is readily responsive to real-time candidate actions or speech by all US internet users. Only one Support eVote per day is allowed for each user IP address to prevent "stuffing the ballot box." City, county, state, zip code, and party affiliation data are also accessible for analytic purposes.

eVoice's Candidates page will offer the American people an internet election platform from which they can express their opinions to the candidates at any time, eVote on those they support in real-time daily based upon candidates' real-time words and actions, and watch the massroots trending that they create on eVoice influence the election outcomes as the media and internet outlets publicize the momentum of the various key candidates. And we submit that eVoice has the potential to make it the most meaningful, best informed, most voter-involved election in history.

Below are graphics of the Candidates page which highlight its innovative capabilities. The below list is abbreviated for "About eVoice" and its illustrative purposes. The candidates list will be updated to add or delete nominees which are currently listed for both parties. Click Candidates tab to confirm this!

Above is the user sign-on page. As you can see, its user friendly and requires minimum information to proceed.

Analytics can be applied to eVoice's five levels of data which are integrated and can be correlated: 1) candidates; 2) levels of support; 3) keyword/key phrase issue-based searches within the Reasons text; 4) date and/or time period; and 5) user geographic data (county, city, state, and zip+4 extension).

eVoice is programmed on a Linux platform by Distributed Website Corporation (DWC), Winona, Minnesota. DWC programs or has programmed sites for Sony, Whirlpool, and MetLife. eVoice is a cloud site hosted by Rackspace Hosting for increased scalability. Conversion to a cloud server for optimum scalability is anticipated. We are indebted to Peter Green of Peter Green Designs (Glendale, California) for his contributions.