How Congress and POTUS Can Use
eVoiceAmerica's, First-Ever,
Congressional Electability Percentages Report
to Enable Members of Congress to
Build Pre-Vote Coalitions and Insure They Vote
Their Constituent Majorities

NOTE: This daily CEP Report is included as part of the comprehensive, online, subscription, "Congressional Coalition Builder & Congressional Electability Percentages Report."

Data Source for the Congressional Electability Percentages Report (CEP) Report - YOUR validated constituents, the American People.

Report Content: This CEP Report is a Yes/No percentage aggregation of constituent, Yes/No answers to the question: "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" which creates a daily, electability percentage for each member of Congress. This feature/vote is a part of the eVA opinion-submission process and is only available on the user's first opinion of the day. This built-in limitation of one vote per day, prevents users from "stuffing" the daily ballot box.

FYI: As a Member of Congress, your eVA Daily, Majority Percentages
(on issues and your electability) will be public information:
on 1) eVA's site, 2) through its subscription Reports,
3) to ALL Members of Congress and POTUS, and 4) major media outlets

How Congressional Electability Percentages Are Generated Onsite by eVA users:

Once a day, eVA users, as validated constituents, answer this question: "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?"

  • A majority No percentage puts ERs on public notice that they are "under water" and could receive a Pink Slip at their next election, unless they decide to vote their constituent majorities.
  • A majority Yes percentage publicly acknowledges constituent support to "keep up the good work".

Value of eVA's "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" Onsite
Feature to the American Public and Good-Faith ERs

eVA aggregates these votes into electability percentages - the first-ever, daily, public electability gauge for ERs and the American Public.

In addition, eVA's Majority Percentages Embody
Two Core Principles of Democracy

   A plurality of interests and values which cross gender,
      political party, ethnic, economic, racial, educational, and religious lines;
   AND, ipso facto, by their very nature, prevent a "tyranny of the minority."

Five CEP Report BeneFIRSTS™ to POTUS and Congress -
Bipartisan Coalition Building in Advance of Floor Votes

Because this daily, online CCB Report is simultaneously available to ALL members of Congress, ALL members can know what each others' constituent majorities are telling them daily as their Electability Percentage. This new, transparency data makes coalition building not only possible but a powerful political necessity - a WIN / WIN for the American People and for Congress.

          Here's how:

With these first-ever CEP data, Members with 51+% CEPs can band together to

  • Persuade Members with 50 / 50% CEPs to join those who have 51%+ CEPs
  • Convince Members who would go against their issue-based, constituent majorities to vote their state and district majorities - not their party agenda or self-interest.
  • As you have already surmised, these electability percentages permit ALL Members of Congress and POTUS, for the first time in history, to know the constituent electability percentages for themselves and ALL of their colleagues.
  • Using eVA's constituent-validated, electability percentages as new leverage, Congressional whips, leadership, Members, and POTUS can now expand coalitions to include ERs with 50/50% or are under water with their constituents to pressure them to vote their constituent majorities and simultaneously improve their electability.
  • Simultaneously, this will improve the standing of "under water" ERs with their constituents.

After a Legislative Vote, Negative Consequences to Those Who Ignore Their Constituent Majorities After Floor Votes

Good-faith ERs and the honest media can target and expose those who voted against their constituent majorities in favor of their party and or personal agendas...

  • As "rogue" ERs for their "constituent disdain"
  • Thus, they increase their risk of getting "Pink-Slip-ed" at their next election.

Positive Consequences to Members
Who Use CEP Report Data to Vote Their Published,
Constituent Majorities and Build Coalitions

  1. This will increase the public's Congressional approval numbers.
  2. ERs who are 50 / 50% or less and vote in line with their constituent majorities can also "tout" their pro-constituent support and votes in their constituent outreach efforts: newsletters, townhalls, speeches, and campaign efforts.
  3. Elimination of gridlock, growth of public confidence, and trust.
  4. Thus, Congressional votes will be based on constituent majority percentages, not party agendas, personal interests, or ideology.
  5. Voting based on published constituent majorities restores Congress in the eyes of the People to its original Constitutional stature because it accomplishes the People's business.

Like the above positive consequences? Here's how they can happen for you:

  1. By inserting hyperlinks in your online newsletters which correspond to eVA"s onsite issues. For example, "Click here to easily submit your opinion to me on [e.g., lower taxes or more jobs]."
  2. These links take your constituents to eVA's opinion submission screen which corresponds to the issue(s) of interest highlighted in your newsletter.
  3. This process increases the number of opinions submitted and the proportion of Yes or No eVotes which strengthens the value of CCB majority percentage data.
  4. You can mobilize your constituents to go to to email you their opinion on all issues important to them so you can learn:

  1. Their opinions and eVote percentages.
  2. Acquire CCB-accessible, issue-based percentages to strengthen your ability to create coalitions in Congress to.
  3. Better accomplish your constituents' priorities.

Possible venues: townhalls, speeches, and campaign efforts

● eVA is open to issue suggestions from ERs; email them to

The "good guys," who vote their constituent majorities, have nothing to worry about.

The "other" guys, well... They might need to do some serious
introspection about their Congressional futures now that
they know that we know what they know...