Attend the Re-Claim America Rally on Saturday, June 14th, Flag Day, powered by

This is the first-ever, national, SIMULTANEOUS rally to mobilize Americans against our corrupt government in Washington, DC, and to change the direction of our country.

The Rally is scheduled at the same hour, adjusted for all time zones, at 19,000 local City Hall parking lots: 3 PM/ET; 2 PM/Central; 1 PM/Mountain; and 12 Noon Pacific

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Are You Dissatisfied / Fed Up with Washington, DC? You Are Not Alone! Are You Among the

  • 68% who think that our country is going in the wrong direction?

  • 70% who lack confidence that the current, dysfunctional, federal government can solve any of the country’s major problems?

  • 78% of millennials who have no confidence in our gridlocked Congress?

  • 66% who think their dislike of Obamacare will influence how they will vote in November?

  • 78% who think that the corruption / weaponization / politicalization within the IRS is real and requires a special prosecutor?

  • 60% who want to abolish the IRS by instituting a flat/fair tax system?

If you answered “Yes” to any (or all) of these questions, please come join the "Re-Claim America" rally. Details below:

Date: Saturday, June 14th, Flag Day
Time: Select Your Time Zone: 3 PM Eastern, 2 PM Central,
1 PM Mountain and 12 noon Pacific

Location: the parking lot of your local city hall

Let’s all gather together, for the first time in history, at the self-same hour (adjusted by time-zone), nationally, at the at 19,000 city hall parking lots across the country to “Re-claim America” from our corrupt Federal government that does not represent US.

Goals for This Rally:

To show the political class in Washington that we are united in our

  • Dissatisfaction with them
  • Effort to change the course of our country in the upcoming mid-term and 2016 elections, and
  • Determination to hold them accountable between elections using

To organize ourselves locally and statewide to support candidates who

  • Will honor their constituent mandates delivered through and
  • Understand that if they don’t, we will know it and turn them out in the next election.

Our Warning to Congress: Now performance-based term limits are in place; 20-40 year, career senators and reps are history, unless they listen to us...

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What You Can Do to Grow This Rally:

Before the Rally:

  • Like, Share, ReTweet, and/or email this rally page to/with your friends, family, and neighbors

  • Share YOUR “My 2014 Declaration of Independence” video on the "eVoiceAmerica" YouTube channel and / or your YouTube channel or Instagram stating in effect: “I am declaring my independence today from this overbearing, out-of-control, self-dealing, corrupt federal government by joining the "Re-Claim America" rally on Saturday, June 14th because (your reason(s)). Please join me and my family at this important rally.” If you don’t know how to do this, here’s a link to an instructional video: How to upload your video to YouTube from your smart phone, android or iphone.

At the Rally:

After the Rally: