eVoiceAmerica Offers 6 FREE, First-Ever,
and FREE Real-Time Majority Percentages to You and
Millions of Americans When You Easily Email YOUR
DC Reps to Be Heard and Counted

eVoiceAmerica provides for free to you and all users, a personal list of elected reps based on your zip+4 address. You anonymously register as a new user with your address so eVoice can provide your list of reps. eVoice also automatically updates this list for you. See sample below. You can also speak out to Congressional leaders and the Supreme Court.
Percentage Graph: Where You Stand with Other eVoiceAmericans. Before you email your reps, you can see where you stand with other Americans on the issues and who are using eVoiceAmerica to speak out. This will give you a context in which to compose your opinion email.
Coming Soon: "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" Yes or No? Power Punch 1: You can tell your reps if you would re-elect them when they come up for re-election. When you eVote on an issue you can easily and concurrently also check Yes or No if you would re-elect your reps. This gives you an opportunity to speak out in two important ways: on issues AND how you feel about your rep and his/her performance.
Coming Soon: "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" Daily, Yes/No Percentages.Power Punch 2: When your personalized elected rep list presents with check boxes (so you can check which rep will receive your opinion), you will see the Yes/No percentages for the previous day telling you if your rep's constituents would or would not re-elect him/her. This powerful, time-sensitive info empowers you and your fellow constituents to let your reps know how you feel about their performance and that they need to take your input seriously: Yes if he's doing a good job; No, if he's not. You can do this as often as once per day.
Limit: One Yes/No eVote per day per rep for each user. You can eVote on as many issues as you wish, but only one Yes or No to re-elect. The site will let you know if you have already eVoted that day to re-elect. eVoice will track and capture this data and make it available to the media, cause-based groups, and blogs.
FREE Top-Issues Take Action Tool for Bloggers -- Take Action Tool + Yes/No eVote Percentage Data for your readers to easily email their DC reps on top and all issues important to you. Now you can rally your readers to easily email to their DC reps and be counted. You too can know what they are telling Washington and corresponding national Yes/No eVote percentages on top issues in your free eVoice Daily Data Report. Go to Products tab, click FREE Blogger Tool & Report.

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Upon installation of this Bloggers’ Take Action tool, you will receive an automated free Daily Data Report (11:59 PM/PT) containing your readers’ Yes/No eVote percentages on Top Issues and corresponding national Yes/No eVote percentages.