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COMING SOON - SYRIAN REFUGEES TO THE US: [Even after the Paris terrorist attacks, President Obama is proceeding unilaterally and immediately to resettle 10,000, unvetted, Syrian refugees within the US. These would receive welfare, healthcare, food stamps, and burden our educational system (because they do not speak English), and many of them could also be terrorists. Further, the US has no way of vetting these refugees.] Should Congress 1) defund this program; 2) enforce all current, anti-terrorism laws to prevent this; 3) pass specific legislation to prevent up to 10,000 now (and up 200,000 in 2016 and 2017); and/or 4) help fund Syrian settlements in the Middle East to prevent unvetted refugees from Syria (a terrorist nation) from resettling in the US. If yes, which option(s) do you support?

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