For We, the People who want to be heard and counted in Washington

Want to be “Computer Warriors” using this free platform to easily email their opinions to all their DC elected reps AND be counted?

Want to fight as citizen warriors, using our computers, to "re-own" America now?

We can be the internet guardians who actually influence national policy formation through eVoiceAmerica’s new, patented, transformational technology that will overcome Big Government, sky-rocketing debt and spending, special interests, corruption, and many other issues that affect you and all of us. Anonymously eVote Yes or No on your issue with every opinion email.

Want a recurring personal list of YOUR DC elected reps each time you login?

No more “not communicating” with your DC reps because you don’t know or have the time to find out who they are and how to reach them. Your Rep List will be updated by eVoiceAmerica with every election or other changes. Your Rep List is determined by your residence address and zip+4. Your address is not stored by eVoiceAmerica. Your Rep List includes: President, 2 Senators, 1 House Representative, your Governor, plus 6 others.

Want to know what Americans are telling their DC elected reps?

eVoiceAmerica’s patented eVote feature enables it to harvest, quantify, document, and publish national and constituent issue-based majority percentages from all eVoiceAmerica user emails on top and all issues in real time and over time. Additionally, this information is made available on site to users, the media, DC reps, think tanks, blogs, and all politically concerned organizations.

Want to know how your members / audiences answer the question: "Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" Subscribe to eVA's Daily Electability Subscription Report -- Coming Soon!

You can do this on site and get daily Yes/No percentage results of your fellow constituents from the previous day on your elected Rep List. This is James Madison’s “Between Elections” ballot box. Your reps can know if they are electable (or not) if millions of us use this first-ever eVoiceAmerica feature. Additionally, this information is made available on site to users, the media, DC reps, think tanks, blogs, and other politically concerned organizations. This will make elected reps aware of their electability with their constituents on a daily basis.

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