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What you do so your voice is heard, counted, and sent right to your DC Elected Reps:

Are you a politically-minded individual seeking a way to effectively contact elected representatives? eVoiceAmerica is here to help you. eVoiceAmerica (eVA) offers you (and millions of others) the opportunity to easily and directly email your senators, house representatives, and the president. eVoiceAmerica features a vast array of political tools that empower you to hold politicians accountable. You can eVote Yes or No and write a personal opinion for any issue that you are passionate about. This is no ordinary survey or poll. eVA aggregates, calculates, and publishes majority percentages for these issues on site in real time, daily to each / all members of Congress, and the media. eVAs patented technology calculates and emails these anonymous eVote majority percentages and emails your opinion and eVote directly to the DC offices of YOUR specific members of Congress. eVA emails are not pooled or bucketed like other polls for optional review (meaning in reality never or no access by elected reps because they include non-constituents).

In addition, eVA offers other tools to make it easy to become and stay politically active. eVA provides you with a personal, always-current list of YOUR specific elected representatives. This list eliminates the need to remember, dig for, or re-locate email addresses for senators and congressmen. AND, using this list, one opinion can be sent to multiple reps at the same time. Lastly, you can let them know daily if you would re-elect them in the next election. Register today to see how this site helps Americans who want to be heard and counted in Washington.

1. Find an issue you care about

Select an issue from TOP ISSUES list

2. Write your opinion
& eVote Yes/No

Voice your personal opinion, rate the issue, and leave an "eVote" whether you're for or against an issue.

3. Email your opinions
& eVotes to Congress

Send your personal opinions directly to Congress.

What eVoiceAmerica does:

Calculates all anonymous eVotes into Yes / No, majority precentages on all issues, nationally and by individual members of Congress.

Email Your Opinion
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Sample DC Rep List

Personal list of YOUR Elected Reps

Instant access to all your elected represenatives in one spot.

No more not communicating with your reps because you dont know who they are or how to reach them. They are always on your eVoiceAmerica rep list and will be updated with every election or other change. Your personal ER list is determined by your residence address and zip+4 code. An elected rep list includes: President, 2 Senators, 1 House Representative, your Governor plus 6 others.

Percentages that matter

eVoiceAmericas patented eVote feature enables it to document, quantify, and publish national and constituent issue-based majority percentages from all eVoiceAmerica user emails on all top issues, daily. Additionally, this information is available onsite to users, the media, DC reps, and other politically concerned organizations.

"Would You Re-Elect Me Today?" as President, Your Senator, or House Rep in Next Election

When you submit your email to your Elected Reps, you can answer the above question to let your rep know if you would like to re-elect him/her. eVoiceAmerica's patented technology gives you "between ballot box" for the first time ever. You can vote once a day.

eVoiceAmerica garners, calculates, and publishes the results daily for the previous day on site for users and as a Daily Data Report for organizations and the government to track this data daily and over time.

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Info Portal

When you click your issue of interest from eVoiceAmericas Top Issues List, you have the option to easily email your elected reps. OR, you can learn more about the issue you have selected using this Info Portal. eVoiceAmerica offers links to these user-generated resources related to your issue of choice: articles, videos, and books. This is a non-partisan list of resources.

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We, the People,

who want to be heard
and counted in Washington

Want to be Computer / Internet Guardians of Congress? Using this free platform, we can easily and directly email our personal opinions to OUR personal list of representatives and be counted.



who want to mobilize their members, audiences, and readers to email their DC Reps

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