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Issues under Corruption within the FBI, DOJ, DNC, H. Clinton 2016 campaign, and the Clinton Foundation
MEMO RE: THE FINDINGS OF THE HOUSE INVESTIGATION OF FBI AND DOJ CORRUPTION: [BACKGROUND: This memo was distributed to all members of Congress on 1/18/18, based upon a party-line vote: all Republicans voted for distribution and all Democrats voted for withholding it from all members of Congress. This memo documents corruption within the FBI and DOJ to de-legitimize and subvert the Trump presidency by numerous illegal and corrupt methods.] TAKE ACTION: Should this memo be released to the American public to inform them of these subversive activities within our federal government swamp?
DC CORRUPTION: Should Congress investigate all current and past, evidence-based corruption, within both parties, and criminally prosecute those who may have broken the law?
ALLEGED "BAD ACTORS" IN AGENCY INVESTIGATIONS: Should the alleged "bad actors" (inside and outside the government) in the Hillary Clinton scandals and on Mueller’s special counsel team be investigated and indicted / prosecuted, if warranted?
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