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URGENT! UNLIMITED, WARRANTLESS, INTERNET / COMPUTER SURVEILLANCE (YOUR COMPLETE LOSS OF 4TH AMENDMENT PRIVACY PROTECTIONS): [BACKGROUND INFO: One proposed amendment to S.3017 (the 2017 fiscal appropriations bill for intelligence and related activities) would expand the scope of data that the FBI, and more than 20 other governmental agencies, can access through National Security Letters (not search warrants but enable warrantless surveillance), and which require no judicial oversight. This would give these 20+ agencies access to your internet browser history and IP address to see what web sites you visit, how much time you spend on a particular site, and your locations during the day. This information could disclose to the governmlent your political affiliation, medical conditions, religion, substance-abuse history, sexual orientation, and movements throughout the day.] TAKE ACTION: SHOULD YOUR HOUSE REP AND SENATORS VOTE AGAINST THIS AMENDMENT?

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