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Issues under Undermining of the Constitution
CONGRESS – GROW A CONSTITUTIONAL SPINE: Tell your members of Congress to grow a spine and vote against all democrat efforts to unconstitutionally limit the freedoms of the American people or they will be "primaried" / voted out in their next election.
ELIMINATING THE SENATE FILIBUSTER: Tell YOUR members of Congress if you support keeping the Senate filibuster "as is" to block the increasingly tyrannical legislation of the Biden administration.
LIMITING THE POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Should your Congressional reps vote to reverse policies that intrude on the Constitutional rights of individuals, businesses, and political organizations? If yes, which ones?
THE DEMS’ $3.5T “INFRASTRUCTURE” BILL CROSSES THE LINE INTO SOCIALISM: Tell your members of Congress if you want them to vote NO on the dems’ $3.5T “infrastructure” bill as it will transition the US into a socialist/welfare state with its green / anti-energy and “free” welfare and social programs which will implode our economy and override our constitutional institutions.
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