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Issues under Amendments - potential
Balanced Budget Amendment (see Economy - US; Budget - Federal)
CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS: ISSUE: Do you want your DC reps and state legislatures to vote in favor of a federal Constitutional amendment whereby house members would be allowed to serve only three, two-year terms and senators would be able to serve only two, six-year terms? [BACKGROUND: Many members of Congress have been in office for decades, making them career politicians, many of whom have lost touch with their constituents and who put their own interests above the interests of their constituents.]
CONVENTION OF STATES TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION: Do you support a convention of 34 states to amend the Constitution to limit and reverse executive, Congressional, judicial and agency abuse of power and overreach beyond the Constitution?
Should the Constitution be amended to count only US citizens, not illegal immigrants, in the census?
Should the Constitution be amended to eliminate automatic US citizenship for children born in the US to illegal aliens?
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