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Issues under Benghazi cover-up
BENGHAZI COVER-UP INVESTIGATION: If the US was illegally supplying arms to Syrian rebels is one of the reasons for the Obama administration's cover-up, should this be investigated and disclosed by a Select Committee with appropriate consequences for those making this decision?
HILLARY CLINTON FAILED TO PROTECT THE BENGHAZI CONSULATE FROM ATTACK: [Background: A bipartisan Senate report on Benghazi stated that Clinton’s State Department failed to act upon sufficient information to warrant increased security in the US Benghazi Embassy that could have prevented the four deaths in the 9/11/12 embassy attack.] Should this finding against Clinton's State Department be further investigated?
OBAMA / CLINTON'S ACTIONS BEFORE AND DURING THE BENGHAZI ATTACK: Should all the records documenting of the actions of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton during the day and night of the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack on the US Consulate be released to Congress and to the public?
TESTIMONY OF SURVIVORS OF THE BENGHAZI ATTACK: [Since the Benghazi attack, the names and testimony of the American survivors of the attack on the American consulate and annex in Benghazi have been withheld and repressed.] Should they be identified and permitted to testify before Congress immediately?
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