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  • “Would You Re-Elect Me Today?” You can answer this question once per day. Now, you can give your Members of Congress a daily job approval rating! So, your MOCs will have to earn your vote by voting for their constituent majority values.

  • New Data for Members of Congress: Your opinion and electability data will be emailed daily and directly to your MOC(s) top staff members with aggregated,issue-based, constituent, majority percentages.

  • OTHERS: These are just the beginning! Discover many more, new, and powerful innovations when you register and submit your first opinion!

  • Corruption in the Congressional, DC swamp will be officially O-V-E-R when millions of patriotic Americans email their "MyACTNow" opinions and eVotes daily. You, my patriotic users, can drive this Movement to save America from the Marxist left.

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