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MULTIPLE CONGRESSIONAL CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS: Should Congress continue to aggressively investigate the following for corruption, malfeasance, criminality and/or obstruction of justice: 1) the IRS (targeting fiscally and financially conservative groups); 2) DOJ (Fast & Furious ); 3) State Department/White House (the Benghazi attack); 4) EPA (Solyndra and others); 5) the GSA (fraud and waste); 6) the Obama White House (disclosure to the New York Times of classified national security information for government); 7) DOJ/FBI (FISA warrant abuses); 8) Hillary Clinton (email scandal and Unranium One purchase); 9) Clinton Foundation (influence peddling and Haiti hurricane recovery fraud); and 9) President Trump’s alleged Russian collusion (already under investigation); and possibly others with no respect to parties.


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