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You Can Embed Your Own, FREE, White-Label, On-Site, Take-Action Tool with Clout -- MyACTNow™

Now Your Audience Can Speak Out to Congress Directly from Your Site on YOUR Issues

Simply Copy and Embed the Coded Button/Link Below into Your Site

<a href=""><img width="235" height="60" src=""></img></a> 

30-Day, Free Trial

Subscription Price: $425 / Month

Audience BeneFIRSTs -- They

  • Can email personal opinions directly to their Members of Congress (MOCs) once per day per issue (on as many issues as desired), on your priority issues. Before using this tool, MyACTNow pre-validates all of your audience/users as constituents of the MOCs who serve them.

  • Can participate in creating new, constituent, national, published majority percentages on your and their priority issues to all of Congress, their personal MOCs, and the media.

  • Have a first-ever, direct, email access to MOCs’ top staff members (Legislative Directors and Chiefs of Staff). This certainly “bests” dead-end telephone calls, rep/MOCs’ tedious email templates, faxes, stock emails, and polls.

Host BeneFIRSTs: You can --

  • Increase your goodwill by offering this new, free-speech platform to increase your political gravitas, patriotic goodwill, and conservative stature with your audience and community.

  • View majority percentages daily on the issues you promote and report them in your program content. This process is provided below.

  • Grow your audience as it returns to your program to learn from you about how it has changed majority momentum, trends, and majority percentages on the issues you promote, having used MyACTNow to submit their opinions and eVotes. Your audience can also return the next day to receive your “impact reports” of the next day based on MyACTNow’s “Where You Stand” screen majorities.

What Is Both New, Historic, and FREE about MyACTNow™ Tool

  • MOC LIST 1: A personalized, recurring, always-current, constituent-validated list of your members of Congress (MOCs). No more looking up your current MOCs. You are automatically constituent-validated each time you login.

  • MOC LIST 2 with checkboxes: This list presents each time you submit your personal opinions and enables you to:
  • select your preferred MOC recipient(s) or
  • send your opinion to all of your MOCs at the same time. Efficient and powerful.

  • “Would You Re-Elect Me Today?” See above graphic. You can answer this question only once per day to prevent ballot-box stuffing. So, your MOCs will need to earn your vote by voting for their constituents’ majority values or be voted out of office. MOC’s CAN influence their “shelf life” for better or worse based on MyACTNow’s published data to the media and Americans and Americans' votes in 2022.

A Critical Context for MyACTNow Majority Percentages

These majority percentages are NOT standard polling results – a very good thing. They are far deeper and more powerful than polls. MyACTNow majorities represent constituent / Grassroots, personal, emailed opinions and eVotes delivered directly to Congress and published to Americans.

Also, these majorities are not statistically based on a mere 500-2000 sample size. MyACTNow majorities can include all voter-based Americans and thus can grow potentially into mega, tens of millions of opinions and majority percentages to MOCs on YOUR issues.

MyACTNow Yes/No majorities represent an ever-increasing number, potentially in the millions, of engaged Americans using the MyACTNow portal.

Host(s) – How to Use

1. Selecting a Program Content Issue: Complete the site user registration or log in.

2. Upon Submit you will land on the Issues List; select an issue for your program discussion from this List. You can search for your issue of interest by keyword.

3. Instructions for Your Audience’s Use --

a. At the end of your show, direct your listeners to go to MyACTNow button on your site and click to register or log in.

b. User locates and clicks on your promoted issue on the MyACTNow Issues List or searches it by keyword.

c. The screen below appears; the rest is self-explanatory.

4. Get issue-specific majority percentages for the previous day as follow-up to prior program discussions. Your staff can easily track the daily national percentages of a current issue or ongoing issues. Your staff can daily track your audience’s participation regarding your program issues by following these simple steps

a. Log in

b. Click on the specific issue of interest (or search it by keyword)

c. Complete the Opinion Submission Template

d. Click Next > ”Where You Stand” results screen

i. This will show the national majority percentages in real time and for the previous day.

ii. Record the percentages daily while of interest.

iii. You/the host can also use the real time percentages to challenge your listeners to raise the percentages in that day in real time and for the next day(s) as they listen to you.

Thanks for your interest.

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