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Intro for Affiliates: How eVoiceAmerica can mobilize your readers, audiences, and site visitors to easily email eVotes and opinions that create majority mandates to their DC reps.


OUR MUTUAL GOALS: A majority and, in some cases, a super majority of the American People (your readers, audiences and site visitors) agree on the need for border security, energy independence (approving Keystone XL), prosecution of IRS and Benghazi cover-up participants, pro-growth economic policies, national debt reduction, and so many more issues. eVoiceAmerica can convert these polling majorities into documented majority mandates to Congress. Now you can give your readers, audiences, and site visitors a new platform to channel their principled consensuses to Congress. And, this creates new content info for your upcoming articles or programs.

DESCRIPTION: “Top Issues Daily Percentage Reports” — This report will be emailed daily to subscribers and will contain national, Yes/No, issue percentages for the Top eVoiceAmerica (eVoice) issues for the previous day based upon the total number of eVotes per issue. The subscriber’s $1.99 subscription will be auto-billed to their credit card monthly. eVoiceAmerica's Top Percentage Report is an immediately available, low-price, high-volume report designed to generate subscriptions from your readers, site visitors, and audiences.

Below is an example of the Report content:

DATE: __/__/____

1.     KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE: Should the Senate pass legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline and should President Obama sign it?

Yes: _63_%            No _37_%

TERMS: Your promo code will create a permanent cookie in the eVoice system that links to all those who register as eVoiceAmericans using your hyperlinks (in articles) to an eVoice issue and / or originating from an affiliate website. Any and all who register as new eVoice users from your promo links or website will be tagged with your promo code. Those who subsequently subscribe to the Top Issues Daily Percentage Report will generate your compensation for as long as the customer subscription is active. This Top Issues Report will be offered on the eVoice site for $2.49/month. However, affiliates will offer a 20% discount at $1.99/month for those who purchase using an affiliate promo code. This is a low-cost, high-volume product. This compensation will be paid to your PayPal account on the first of each month with an accompanying compensation statement. There is no expiration date for your promo code(s). This agreement can be terminated by either party. The monthly subscription rate for this product can be changed by eVoiceAmerica at any time and at its sole discretion.

To register as an eVoice user, click the red button. Once you become an eVoice user, see Part II below for simple instructions to register as an affiliate.


How eVoiceAmerica's Affiliate Program Works
for Columnists / Authors / Bloggers, Websites, and Media

PART I: How to grow your compensation with promo code tagging and hyperlinks in your articles, website posts, and on media websites

PART II: How to Create a Promo Code and Generate a Link Within Your Article or on Your Site

Intro for Affiliates: How eVoiceAmerica can mobilize your readers, audiences, and site visitors to easily email eVotes and opinions that create majority mandates to their DC reps.

PART I: How to grow your compensation with promo code tagging and hyperlinks in your articles, website posts, and on media websites

Your compensation will increase the more often you embed hyperlinks containing your promo code when they register as an eVoice user. Upon clicking your hyperlink, the reader will be taken to eVoice’s Opinion Submission Page (shown below) as the first step to easily email DC reps where they will register as an eVoice user under your promo code. This issue-based hyperlink mobilizes your readers and site visitors to easily ACT based on the impact of your article. View the above video for more information. When your readers / site visitors subscribe to the “Top 20 Issues DPR” from eVoice’s site, those subscriptions will be tagged with your promo code and will generate your 10% compensation.

Using the Opinion Submission Screen, your eVoiceAmericans can eVote and compose their opinions. In the next screen, they select which of their DC elected reps are to receive their opinions from their recurring, personalized list of elected reps. When they Submit, eVoice emails their opinions directly to the DC reps they designated.

For instance, creating and embedding a link with your promo code as a hyperlink stating, “Go to eVoiceAmerica to easily email your DC elected reps on this issue”, would direct your readers / visitors to the opinion submission page for the issue of focus in your article or program. Among many others, eVoice offers such issues as: not legalizing illegal immigrants, approval of Keystone XL, Obamacare/ACA, foreign and domestic policies on Islamic terrorism, tax reform, debt / federal spending reduction, school choice, common core and many more. This screen starts the facile eVoice opinion email process for your readers / site visitors. Other hyperlink wording options are up to you. Instead of “on this issue (above),” one could state, “…on immigration reform”; “…on healthcare”; “…on closing the border” depending on your issue of interest.

When your eVoiceAmericans see the power of eVoice, they will want the info contained in our Top 20 Issues DPR. When they subscribe to this report, you will receive 10% compensation for each subscription linked to your promo code.

WEBSITES and MEDIA HOSTS: By copying and pasting the below “Subscribe link/button for this report on your site, you can provide your members and audiences an opportunity to subscribe to this report on eVoice’s site. This link/button contains your promo code. eVoice has placed this “Subscribe Now!” graphic in multiple locations within the site to provide multiple opportunities for your eVoiceAmericans to register with eVoice and then subscribe to this report using your promo code. You will receive 10% compensation on these subscriptions.
When the Top Issues Majority Percentage Report becomes available, the below sample "Buy Now!" button will be activated for placement on your site.

PART II: How to Create a Promo Code and Generate a Link within Your Article or on Your Site

Highlight, copy and print the instructions below as a reference when you are creating/using promo codes and hyperlinks in your articles.


STEP 1: Register as an eVoice user by clicking Login > Register button > complete all fields.

STEP 2: To register as an affiliate, log in using your eVoice username and password (Step 1). Click on Affiliate Control Panel on the left of your screen in red under Quick Links. Click the My Account button. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, PayPal email address (for monthly commission payments to your PayPal account), and phone number. This will create your affiliate account for all affiliate functions and transactions. Your control panel will always accessible when you log in as a user.

STEP 3: GENERATE AND REVIEW YOUR PROMO CODE(S) using your affiliate control panel. Generate your promo code(s) by clicking the button entitled, Generate New Promo Codes, fill in the fields, and click Create. Or you can review the codes you have already created by clicking button entitled, My Promo Codes.

STEP 4: GENERATE A PROMO-CODE LINK FOR YOUR ARTICLES - Click TAKE ACTION tab > EMAIL OPINIONS > type in a keyword(s) for your issue into the Search issues box > click your issue of interest > highlight and copy the URL in the address field (it must end with a four- or five-digit number). Click the My Link Generator button within your control panel; paste the URL into the large field > click the dropdown arrow in the small field, and select a promo code from your promo code dropdown; then Submit. The issue-based link with your eVoice promo code will be shown in the next screen to hyperlink and embed in your articles or in websites / blog posts.